Taking it to 11 at NAMM January 13th-16th

This years NAMM show theme is “Taking it to 11”.  During an economy that the government says is recovering and most peoples wallets are disagreeing, NAMM is making a bold move and statement.  Instead of cutting back on the event, NAMM tells us right up front what is going on.

Guess Who This Warwick Guitar Artist is!

While NAMM is only open to the music industry Jan 13th-15th, on Sunday the 16th they open the doors to the public. For some manufacturers, this is the day that makes them crazy since they only sell very high dollar studio gear.  For other companies this is the only day that matter whether they know it or not.  Either way the theme “Taking it to 11” says it all.  The show is bigger and louder than it has ever been .  More artists are walking around, signing autographs and helping the music business move forward than ever before.

iTunes has changed the music business forever.  Artists  are becoming like any other business, and getting paid to play a certain guitar or drum set.  The gear is becoming more of a focus making NAMM more important than ever to the music business.  The growing importance shows shows at this years NAMM show in Anaheim.  Neon coatings for stage effects, specially coated guitar strings, and some really cool guitars are on display at NAMM.  I didn’t have enough time to get you all the scoop on drums, maybe I can go back today.

Orange had a huge display, and I’ll let you decided if you like their amps.  I don’t think any stage show wants the amps color to be louder than the band.  Speaking of loud, there are several booths where artists are doing short shows and yes, they are attempting to take it to 11.  R.Bob Adams of SLS Audio tells us this is the loudest show he has ever been to, NAMM or otherwise.  From a quick look around the floor, not too many people are complaining.

So what makes Sunday so important to NAMM members like Dunlop Guitar? This Sunday is the day that the members get to meet with their real customers.  Many businesses have started to treat the dealers and distributors like customers.  With internet search and online buying ability, the consumer is once again becoming the king.  It is unfortunate that I wasn’t able to bring the LED guitar from my friend Dave in Reno to the show.  It would have been a hit.  Maybe next year?

If you are into music and can make it to the Anaheim convention center on Saturday, stop by NAMM and see what you can’t live without to help the music industry and the economy.

Scott Bourquin is Search and Internet Marketing Expert with Rustic Creek

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