My Suja Fresh Start – Day 4 – The Day After

After a three day juice with Suja, our CoolToys Host Scott lets us know how he is doing.  According to Scott, the big deal isn’t the 3 day juice.  He says it is the after effects.  Anyone can juice, but can you keep up the good work afterwards.  Scott brings you into the day after so you know if it is really worth eighty bucks for eighteen bottles of juice.  Even if the juice tastes good, eighty bucks is a lot of Diet Cokes at McDonalds, 43 Large Diet Cokes at the Huntington Beach McDonalds to be exact.  76 if you can still find the $1.00 large Diet Cokes.

The headaches are gone but was it worth the trade off?  We already know he had to cheat a little, but was it cheating to eat raw fruits and vegetables like the box said?  Watch and find out.

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