Now Open! Ruby’s Tiki Room At the Pier

It isn’t Don’s but Ruby’s Tiki Room is pretty cool.

After losing Don The Beachcombers in Sunset Beach, there has been a void in Tikidom. Ruby’s Tiki Room upstairs at the Huntington Beach Pier is a nice little filler.

Ruby’s Tiki Room isn’t a real Tiki bar in the strictest terms. You can’t just head up and find a space. Seating is limited, and you have to ask at the front counter to make sure you get up there. Once you are there, you’ll realize the wait is worth it.

For long time Ruby’s fans, the upstairs room always had the best view from Newport Beach to Long Beach and beyond. From the upper deck, Catalina really stands out on clear summer days. Now you can head up there and get a favorite tiki beverage or appetizer before your favorite Ruby’s burger. All while enjoying the Tiki ambiance.

While it isn’t the quite the authentic feel of a Trader Vic’s or any of the previous iterations of Don The Beachcombers, Ruby’s Tiki Room is a well done commercial interpretation of the Tiki style. Given there really isn’t anything else until you hit Trader Sam’s at the Disneyland Hotel, we’ll take it.

Being local to Huntington Beach, the Beach Street News staff prefers to head down to the Huntington Beach Pier during the week when the lines are shorter and parking is easier, but if the weekend is all you have, it is probably worth the wait.

Tuesdays are a great day to ride a bike to the pier, enjoy the farmers market and grab a Tiki Drink. Too bad there isn’t a stage for the Hula Girls to play.

Yes we do know about Dukes at the top of the pier. We don’t consider it a Tiki bar as much as a great Surf Bar. Minor difference we know, but the Tiki fans will understand the difference.

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