Put The Surfboard Wax Down, and Wax Those Skis!

One of the things about being a Beach Streeter, is that we tend to like the mountains also. So we’re pretty happy to announce that snow is already started to fall this year Nevada Mountains of California. In fact it’s been cold enough that we have enough snow the Boreal has already opened.

Yesterday while walking around Northstar Village, I ran into the guy who was selling season passes at the San Francisco ski swap last weekend. He told me that they had an outstanding turnout and sold nearly 400 full price “double whammy” passes. This is a good sign that the ski resorts can survive another year. It was enough snow on the slopes at Northstar that I can begin to see images of happy skiers and snowboarders sliding down the hill.

Now the Northstar has undergone a major renovation much like Heavenly, they have become one. In fact Northstar, Heavenly, Sierra are all owned by the Vail Corporation. in fact I would think they should call the double whammy pass the triple whammy, now the Northstar, Heavenly and Sierra are all included. I picked mine up yesterday at the Northstar Village.

While I was in the office, I found out that they now sell the “Epic Pass” which gets you access to all three resorts in the Lake Tahoe area and three resorts in Vail Colorado. That can be a pretty incredible deal if you like to do a lot of skiing.

While we all like to spend time at the beach, chilling our bones on the ski slopes, is a great way to remind ourselves what beach living is so great. The rest of the country wonders how we can live in California because it is “so expensive”. When you live in a state where you can surf and ski on the same day, you’re willing to pay a little extra.

While it’s important to keep your business running your job moving forward, it’s just as important to take a break and have something to look forward to. I hope you’re looking forward to this year ski season is much as I am, you on the slopes.

A little snow covers the BMW Wagon, the first sign of the Ski Season

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