Places To Go In Europe, January – February

There are places To Go In Europe, sometimes referred to as “the Land of continents,” that are truly unique.  As for travel rules throughout the European continent change is the operative word. I have a friend in Greece right now after a rant over Afghanistan got him two weeks out of the office to “destress”.

Escape the Bay – The Long Way

When you want to really Escape the Bay, Europe offers some unique opportunities with over 24 countries to visit.  There is truly something for everyone in Europe. From historic ruins to beaches to mountains, places to go in Europe are all over the place. One thing is certain though, which is that every European country has something different to offer its visitors. Below, you will find several of the most popular places to go in Europe.

A Country For Everyone

Italy is an absolutely breathtaking place to go to in terms of scenery and culture. February in Italy is the perfect month to travel to this amazing country. The beautiful colors of nature, the glistening white beaches and majestic mountains are a sight to behold and a definite must see during this glorious season.

Europe’s greatest city, Rome, can be visited all throughout the year, but the best places to go to in February are the months of late summer and early fall. This is the best time to visit Rome as it is relatively free from tourist crowds. In Rome, you can feast your eyes on some of the best monuments such as the Colliseum, the Piazza del Popolo, and the Trevi Fountain. Other must see tourist destinations include St. Peter’s Basilica, the Sistine Chapel, and the Vatican Museum. Rome is also home to several other museums and art galleries where you can really get to know Europe’s history and culture.

It’s More Than The Roman Empire

Barcelona, the third largest city in Spain, is a popular choice among tourists traveling to Europe for its charming Spanish ambiance and pleasant climate. The city offers some of the best places to go to in Spain with spectacular beaches and an abundance of food and drink. Some of the best places to visit in Spain during February include the town center, Plaza Mayor, and Gaudi’s Church, to name a few.

Lisbon, the capital of Portugal, is the capital of all things romantic. It offers a great range of nightlife activities and some of the nicest places to go for a quiet night. Some of the best cities to visit in Portugal during February include the town center, Candolim, and the Vitacional da Caparica. The fabulous beaches and beautiful gardens in Lisbon are also well worth a visit. Some of the most scenic views of Europe can be found in this region, making it one of the best cities to go to in Europe during February.

The Lands of Brats and Beer

Cologne, also known as La Paris, is the capital of Germany. It offers a number of things to do and sees a lot of tourists during the carnival. Some of the best cities to go to in Germany during February include Heidelberg and Tubingen. Cologne is host to one of the biggest and most important automobile rallies of the year. And last but not least, Frankfurt, which is situated in Germany’s most Industrial region, is another great city to see during the winter months.

Switzerland is another great vacation spot during the winter months and is especially popular with tourists that like to ski during the year. Switzerland is considered one of the top ten ski destinations in Europe, so it should come as no surprise that Switzerland receives a tremendous number of visitors during February. Some of the best ski resorts that you will want to visit during your stay in Switzerland include Bern, Zurich, Geneva, Glitzerland, Morzine, St Anton, Megeve, Chamonix, Montreaux, Cacharel, Les Gets, Mauleon, and many more. Some of the most spectacular skiing regions in Europe can be found in Switzerland, and these are the perfect places for you to visit during your Switzerland vacation.

Don’t Forget Eastern Europe!

Finally, if you love to ski during the cold winter months, then you will not want to miss out on Borovets, which is located in Ukraine. The city of Borovets is known for producing some of the best snowboards in Europe. If you plan to travel to Ukraine, then you may want to consider spending a night or two in Borovets. The weather in Borovets is quite mild and pleasant, and you will be able to ski or snowboard throughout the entire day. The only downside to Borovets is that it is located in a region of Ukraine that does not have a very pleasant climate, which may prevent you from visiting during the winter months.

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