No Wax Surfboard Decks?

Is a no wax surfboard possible? In this video, CoolToys host Scott decides to go surfing without wax. It is better for the environment but is it better for surfing? Of course you can buy neoprene padding and make your surfboard look like an SUP, but that was not the goal of this review.

No Wax Surfboard Decks as tested by CoolToys.TV

It turns out there were over a dozen companies peddling a replacement for surfboard wax. One of the ideas is to just buy those no stick flowers from the bottom of your bathtub and try them. You don’t wax your bathtub do you? But then again you don’t surf it either.

Vintage Style Fig Fun Board

Of the dozen or so brands that CoolToys found, three actually worked and two stood out. Traction Pads are another way to improve your surfing and you will see that on a couple of the surfboards in the video. While two of the surfboards in the video have the same brand of wax-less decking, they installations are very different for a reason.

If you surf and have a little tree hugger in you, then maybe going wax-less is for you.

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