More City Streets Closed for Dining With Barriers

When California Governor Gavin Newsom announced that for the second time indoor dining at restaurants would be banned because of the spread of COVID-19, it was especially painful for restaurant owners already struggling with dramatic losses. But now thanks to the City of Pasadena working with Meridian Rapid Defense Group restaurants along busy Colorado Boulevard have been thrown a lifeline.

Building a Barrier

The restaurants are protected by a mix of barriers including Meridian’s Archer 1200 mobile barriers. The city plan resulted in large sections of the boulevard in front of restaurants being cordoned off to create safe on-street dining zones.

“We are pleasantly surprised how business for both lunch and dinner picked up once the barriers went in,” said Armen Shirvanian, owner of Pasadena’s popular Mi Piace restaurant.

Diners in his restaurant were enjoying the new experience. “We feel very safe here. Even though the cars are that close the barriers sure make us pretty secure,” said Barbara Tarlau a first-time diner from Porter Ranch, CA.

Mr. Shirvanian is hoping the city will go one step further: “Now we have seen this be successful I would like to see the City of Pasadena make it permanent or semi-permanent,” he said. “Initially I was skeptical because of the loss of street parking but now it has worked really well.”

The Company’s Idea

Peter Whitford, Meridian’s CEO said: “For those restaurant owners who are expanding their footprint out into the street there is no doubt the safety of diners and staff is their most important issue. So, we were happy to be asked by Pasadena city officials to help find a solution with our Archer barriers.”

The mobile Archer 1200 barriers are placed at the front of each enclosed dining area. Their 700 lbs. of American made steel can stop an out of control car or truck. They provide the perfect solution for cities wanting to help restaurants get back to business while at the same time providing safety for the public.

It’s not Just Pasadena

Archer barriers are also protecting diners in Ventura, CA. where the city closed off ten city blocks to create an outdoor mall and in Miami Beach, FL. where many restaurants have also expanded out on to the street.

Meridian Archer 1200 Barriers are “SAFETY Act Certified” by the United States Department of Homeland Security (DHS) providing the ultimate standard in keeping people, communities, and places safer. 

For more information about Meridian Rapid Defense Group and the Archer 1200 Vehicle Barrier visit

Meridian Barriers

Editors Notes: This story was provide by Meridian, the makers of the barrier. Here in Huntington Beach, we are used to the streets being closed for Farmers Markets and other events. This is the blessing and curse of being a beach city. Inland areas are experimenting with similar ideas, closing streets to allow outdoor dining. Many restaurants that already had limited parking have put party tents outside. We first asked “is this really outdoor dining when you are in a tent?”

After watching several “demonstrations” across the country, it is clear that social distancing is being totally ignored. Demonstrators claim first amendment rights to violate the maximum number of people allowed in a gathering. We freely agree at Beach Street News, it is time for people to go back to work, idle hands and all. Indoor tent dining and barricading streets is not a long term solution.

The barricades prevent autos from driving among the diners that are now sitting at tables in those streets. But, it appears they are forgetting why they have streets since no one is working. The first thing we noticed in the photos provided by meridian is the concrete barriers behind the meridian barriers.

This story comes from the makers of the street barriers. When we go back to work, they may need those streets or traffic will be even worse in Southern California. Will this be money well spent or just a token gesture from the tax collectors?

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