Miles Driven Tax in California

Sacramento CA – Caltrans is looking at a six billion dollar shortfall even though California already has one of the highest gas tax rates. So now CalTrans is blaming electric cars and hybrids for the big loss in revenue. Ironically after all of the complaining about big oil profits, The state and federal governments take in more net money than ExxonMobil according to

Pay By The Mile To Drive California?

The part that has us confused is why California already has the highest gas tax and still can’t keep up the roads. One thing is for sure, California ranks up with Hawaii when it comes to cost per mile for roads and road repairs. The state of California is not the poster state for tax money well spent.

One thing to keep in mind is that California uses gas tax for more than roads. It uses drivers gas tax to build trains and other county level public transit projects. There is an economic reality that trains and buses can’t support themselves, and California along with States like New York have a massive public transit bill to pay.

Jerry Brown in another cash grab for his projects is now trying to help push through a tax based on the number of miles driven. Another self damaging tax. The more you drive the more you pay. The tax it self is an incentive to get you to drive less and pay less taxes! Exactly the same problem created by electric car and hybrid subsidies that kicked off the program.

I am all for reducing the amount of fuel we burn to help keep the environment cleaner but another self destructive tax makes no sense. How about letting supply and demand win? How about creating a bus service that people will pay for? A train service that is better than driving that drivers will pay for? None of this is sustainable or makes long term sense.

Paying a tax based on miles driven looks like a kick in the Uber groin.

The carbon credit tax that has already cost consumers like you and me over a Billion Dollars. Al Gore invested heavily in the companies that are winning big off of this tax before pushing the programs. He may become the first “Carbon Billionaire” after being the Vice President and being on the inside of the carbon credit game.

So the question is, what is Jerry Brown up to?

Hiking corporate taxes has caused companies to flee California, at least on paper. Even Apple Computer, the jewel of the Silicon Valley has offices in Reno, Nevada and Ireland to avoid the counterproductive tax mandates of Sacramento legislators. So why are we letting them do it with gas tax and soon “miles driven tax”?

How many more drivers will just run to a mailbox in Oregon or Nevada to get license plates and escape the miles driven tax?  Taxes should be fair and we should know where they are going.

Texas collected just over $3.4 Billion in fuels tax last year, and has a total fuel tax rate that is .20 per gallon less than California.

Finding how much California collected isn’t quite that easy. Texas clearly publishes how much gas tax they collect each year. California isn’t so transparent, focusing on sales tax, personal income and corporate income taxes. Gas taxes are put into a “special fund” so accountability isn’t quite as clear. All they keep saying is revenue is falling.

It’s your voice and your vote. Let your state legislator know what you think. Drivers It’s time to speak up.

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