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Marketing a small business today is very different than it a decade ago, and really even a year ago.  There is a pretty good book out there called “Changing the Channel” by Micheal Masterson and Mary Ellen Tribby.  After reading “Changing the Channel” you would think that you need to spend a million dollars a year to market anything.  The Authors of “Changing the Channel” talked about so many different ways to market and advertise that it was mind boggling.

Small business today has a great advantage given how easy it is to gather information on each of the different channels of marketing and advertising.  The easiest thing to do is to put a different phone number on every channel, and every ad for that matter, during testing to see which ad and which channel offer the most bang for the buck.  More importantly you can determine which channels aren’t making you any money.

Changing The Channel

If you are a little confused by the term channels, think of it this way.  Google Ads is a channel, Facebook advertising is a channel, Facebook itself is a channel, Television is a channel, Direct Mail Postcards are a channel.

A decade or so ago, many businesses could survive with a great ad in the local yellow pages.  Today that isn’t the case.  There can be as many as five Yellow Pages books in a given area to make it more difficult.  For the past three or four years, a really well managed ad campaign on Google could do wonders for a small business.  Today that channel is starting to get crowded and expensive.  So what’s next?

With over 750 million active users, Facebook becomes the obvious choice to consider for the next marketing channel.  The ad planning looks a lot like Google but the cost per click can be 10 or 20 times higher pushing the cost of acquiring a new customer into the land of no profit.  After buying several worthless classes, I found a better way.

Recently I learned about a program teaching Online Marketing companies like mine a better way to use Facebook.  It requires some interaction, but aren’t customers worth a little of your time?  One of the challenges of being in the Online Marketing space is keeping up.  I spend thousands of dollars every month on training, classes and seminars to keep up.  It would break most small businesses.

Not many of these courses have enough value for a single business to justify the time or the money spent.  Few of them are easy enough or practical for a small business owner to use themselves, this one is.  The cost is very reasonable, and the information is huge.  Step by step video that shows you how to really use Facebook and not be labeled a spammer.

After finishing the program and changing direction on a few Facebook accounts for my clients I realized this guy was on to something.  I can’t imagine that a small business owner couldn’t get a good boost out of their business using these techniques on Facebook.  My clients are.

Knowing exactly how to place your ads on Facebook to get the best response from likely customers is a huge advantage for any small business.  Many of the features on Google adwords have been mimicked by the Facebook team but there are a few Ninja Marketing tricks like the @ mention tag which, can make a huge difference in your response when you use it correctly.

Any small business owner that doesn’t have a Facebook Page for their business should get one today.  And any small business owner that wants a much better return will find this Facebook Marketing program a bargain.  You can of course send me some money and I’ll do it for you, but if you want to try it yourself first, give it a look.  I’ll even make this deal.  If you buy the program here and decide to have us manage your Facebook marketing, I’ll waive the first months fee’s.

Find your Aim Point and go there!

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