Hawaii Flavor for the Beach Street Life

One of the things that everyone has on the beach is a bike.  Some are fancy, some are rusty, but we all have a bike.  Mine is in the middle, clean, not rusted (yet) and just a basic 7 speed beach cruiser.  The problem is it looks like every other bike out there.

Get Your Tiki Toes...

Like most of the other people with newer bikes, I went back to the bike shop and added some cool things.  Sadly even with the cool tiki bell, black fenders and bigger tires, it still looks like a basic beach bike.

Yesterday I added a decal, a simple decal, and suddenly everyone is commenting on my bike.  I probably shouldn’t tell everyone where I got the decal, but there are so many choices, I couldn’t help but share.

A couple of years ago I was in Hawaii, and found these cool decals of Tiki’s.  I bought one and put it on my laptop.  The company was Tiki Tots.  Last year when I was moving to the beach I wanted to order more and went online and there was nothing under Tiki Tots.

As it happened a friend was going to Hawaii about that time, so I showed him my laptop and said I’ll buy as many as they have.  He scored and came back with Tiki Toes.  Sure enough there is a website with hundreds of designs.  So if you want to add a little island-beach living to your life take a visit to TikiToes.com.

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