A Gun Company in California is Selling Killing Machines!

There is a Gun Company in California selling guns online. More astonishing is that they are headquartered in Los Angeles County! Skell Inc. is based in Southern California, right here in Beach Street News territory and they are selling guns online. The irony is that Amazon won’t ship them to California of all places even though the company is headquartered here. We know because we tried to buy one of these guns at Amazon.com.

The team at CoolToys puts the Bugysalt (or bugasalt or Bug-A-Salt, whatever you want to call it) from the gun company in California to the test. We don’t care what you call it, it is a gun that shoots salt. You might be saying “So what I dated a girl once and her dad shot me in the a$$ with salt loads in a 12 guage.”

Well a. that isn’t legal in California and b. this is different.

What Skell inc is selling is a legal killing machine available to anyone in California and every other state as far as we can tell. At some point you have to ask how much is enough. Does everyone deserve to have a pest free picnic, even in the organic state of California.

Normally we are concerned with life at the beach and surf reports. Here at Beach Street News our philosophy is don’t kill it unless it is eating your house or you intend to eat it, but we might just have to expand our range a little because, well watch the video, you’ll see. This gun company in California surprised even us.

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