Does CBD Help With Yoga?

Recently I was asked Does CBD help with yoga?” The truth is I did not know at first, but since our resident Yogi has a CBD store right next door, I decided to look into it.

CBD and Yoga Can Help Reduce Anxiety

One of the big benefits of yoga is helping to reduce anxiety. Daniel at LIIV Organics in Huntington Beach tells me that CBD’s also help to reduce anxiety. So are CBD’s and yoga the double whammy for anxiety.

CBD for dog anxiety?

The idea behind CBD’s is that you get the benefits of hemp derived products (ok Pot) without the “high”. While there aren’t FDA approved studies, there are a few that link CBD’s to inflammation prevention, glaucoma relief and anxiety reduction. Many people swear by CBD’s for their dogs at New Years and Fourth of July.

CBD is the common abbreviation for cannabidiol. Cannabidol is just one of over 100 so-called ‘phytocannabinoid’ chemicals found in the cannabis sativa plant. Yes, I am talking about the same cannabis as in marijuana or hemp. In theory CBD won’t leave you stoned on the sofa with the super munchies like Petey the Potleaf. CBD is different from THC, which is responsible for the classic effects of marijuana.

One thing to keep in mind when considering a CDB is that the quality of the oil and THC content is unknown with many brands. Some are “synthetic” CBD’s with no detectable THC, others are THC free Hemp oil. And yes, technically CBD’s are still illegal under federal law so FedEX won’t ship CBD or marijuana for that matter. If you get drug tested at your job, verify the THC levels in the CBD oil before you buy it.

Using CBD During Yoga.

Looking around a CBD store can be very confusing. There is now CBD coffee. CBD coffee makes no sense to me, a pick me up that mellows me out? There are tinctures, oils, gels, gummies and yes, coffee among the many choices.

After talking with several you practitioners a few finally admitted to using CBD’s while practicing yoga. “Why not, my life is crazy, trying to keep up with my kids and the super mom’s, I need something to help me turn off my mind quicker when I start yoga.” said one woman. It almost made sense.

Digging a little deeper it seams that oils were used more at home and tinctures in the water bottle at the yoga studio were the favorite. Now if you feel a little anxious about Yoga Teacher Training or Yoga in general, you can just add a few drops I am told.

The people who admitted to using the tinctures in their water said it added an “earthy” flavor that took a little getting used too. Everyone who admitted to trying it once admitted they still do it regularly. Do you yoga with CBD?

Ali Zemmeta is a free lance writer in Newport Beach California.

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