The Beach Street life is a great life, but in order to appreciate it you gotta hit the road.  Yes the Beach Street life requires a little change once in a while. Leaving the dogs and kids behind for a couple of days to explore the world is something we all need to do even when we live the beach life everyday.  Anything we find that will recharge your batteries, we’ll be sure do share. If you find something let us know!

Is it time to timeshare?

My wife on the other hand quickly gets cabin fever. Our friends are always telling us to get a timeshare since it forces you to take time off. The very first “free weekend” timeshare presentation we went to was the Sheraton in Puerta Vallarta. The room was such a pressure cooker for sales you could see the pool of sweat on the floor. The first night and day were great, then the breakfast. The food was ok, and this guy joins us like he is our best friend. Then he turns up the heat. How we got out I will never know. The truth is we liked the location, and the price wasn’t bad. I was flying more for the airlines back then so I really didn’t need any more time away from home.

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