At Beach Street News our lives are a little different.  Living near the beach usually means a smaller place that needs every square inch just right.  No wasted space allowed.  Living at the beach is different and real estate at the beach is different, so in this section you’ll find our take on what is happening now.

Homes Are Selling, Is Yours?

The better prepared you can be in advance of home shopping, the more likely you are going to be able to find a home. If you just want to shop, that is all you will do when the market has low inventory and investor cash flowing back in. Tax increases may slow the sales speed a little, but as with all things, the taxes will get passed on to the next person and the market will keep moving.

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Corona Del Mar Ocean Front Auction Ends Today

As I checked in this morning, the property was just approaching $6.0MM. As an investor, that is still a bargain with a lot of room to make money. As I right this there are just over 10 hours to go so I am interested to see if this is like poker and the two real bidders are waiting in the wings to make a snipe attempt at the end or if some lucky person is going to get a once in a lifetime buy on this land.

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Bugout Solutions for Termite Control – Irvine

Orange oil contains an active ingredient known as d-limonene. D-limonene is the same compound found in many common household products (such as orange oil furniture polish, orange scented fragrance products, and orange based cleaners), and is extracted from orange peels. Orange Oil is very popular and can be used if termites are caught early. Don’t delay, call for an inspection today at 800-983-7648

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