Balboa Pier

There is a great little hideout in Southern California.  It is nearly free to visit, $2.00 for a bus or $3.00 to park.  It is surrounded by some of the most magnificent coastline of California on one side, and some of the most expensive Real Estate in California.

The little hideout is the famous Balboa Pier.  The Balboa Pier is clean, safe and quiet most of the winter.  I can go to surf, swim, read, write or whatever else strikes my fancy.  The entrance to the pier was recently renovated and is really a stunning feature when no one is around.

This time of year I like it even better.  Many of the shops that say they open at 10 won’t open until noon or so.  Some don’t say so but my guess is they are closed for the season.

The Balboa Pier makes for a great walk with a very nice beach, pier, dining and shopping all within walking distance.

What else could you need to relax on a sunny Southern California Day?  Well sun of course.  Some mornings the fog rolls in and you get a whole new experience.

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