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So What Makes It a Ritz?

His reply stuck with me, he said “you should make your competition, not join a competition. We don’t gauge ourselves by any measure other than our customers. That said we do watch two words, Four and Seasons.” The statement said a lot about the company, it’s direction and it’s training. All things I needed to work on.

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Essential tools for the EBOS

Some of these tools are so obvious we have them, use them and see them around us every day and don’t realize it. In the book The Millionaire Next Door , Ford F150s were listed as the most common vehicle of the millionaire class. Since I’ve been driving an F150 for almost 15 years now, this one is obvious to me.

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Rental Car Ratings for 2009

The final note for the FX-35 was the fuel economy. For a normally aspirated vehicle it was uncommonly high. The trip from San Francisco to Lake Tahoe to Reno was less than a half tank including a full lake tour on New Years Eve. In Reno I made the mistake of filling it up and washing it. I returned it with nearly ¾ of a tank after paying the $65 tank fee.

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