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Can’t Find a Prius, How About a BMW 335d?

The BMW 335d has 425 lb-ft of torque at 1,750 rpm.  While this might not mean a lot to most people, the translation is simple.  When you are merging on the freeway and the 18 wheeler isn’t even thinking about the brakes, all you need to do is give a little push on the gas pedal and the rig shrinks in the rear view mirror.  That is what 425 lb-ft of torque is a car this light means.  Just for comparison, that is more than a Corvette, Dodge Challenger SRT8 or the new BMW M3!

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Gran Prix Of Long Beach, Saturday Rundown

California is the place for great cars, and the Gran Prix of Long Beach was clearly a place to launch some great car news and see some great racing. The Gran Prix of Long Beach has had a storied and politically troubled history. Still off the F-1 hey day, the GP is picking up energy again and was a spectacle enjoyed by everyone in typical SoCal style.

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