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The Earl Banes Company designs going on ArtSurf swag

Huntington Beach, CA – November 21, 2019 – All independent film makers are always trying to find new sources of funds to make their next movie.  ArtSurf Productions is no exception.  

While not fully funded,ArtSurf Productions latest project “Visions”, has started filming.  

As an independent film company ArtSurf depends on its parent company, producers, sponsors and donors as methods of raising money.  Since visions is a film about the world of surf, The Earl Banes Company has agreed to donate the use of it’s designs for T-shirts that will be used to support the film.

With the launch of the new “Early Bum” T-shirt line, ArtSurf felt that The Earl Banes Company had the right product at the right time.  The Earl Banes Company has pledged 10% of net proceeds from all of its sales to support environmental, artistic and veteran rehabilitation projects.  Neal Banes said “The ArtSurf Visions project fit perfectly with our goal, that was instilled in me by my grandfather Earl to leave the world a better place.”

The Legend of Earl Banes as the “Early Bum”© isn’t known by everyone, and the people at ArtSurf are excited to help share that story as well.

The Legend of Earl Banes

Earl Banes was a Southern California native born at a time few could understand.  His first children were born in the 50’s when he was very young.

The influence of living at the crossroads of the car culture and surf culture changed how Earl saw the world.  Being coated in salt and bleeding motor oil is a life somewhat unique to Southern California.  Earl work as an engineer at a plant that built airplanes.  Another industry they is deeply rooted in Southern California.

The Earl Banes Company was founded by his grandchildren to carry on the legacy of Earl Banes.  Visit to read more about the legendary man.

About ArtSurf Productions®:

ArtSurf Productions is a commercial and industrial production company in Southern California.  As part of the Bourquin Group, ArtSurf Productions joins Custom PhotoCrafts long history of commercial projects, moving the focus from still images to video.  Backed by best selling author®, Actor and Director Scott Bourquin, ArtSurf Productions has primarily focused on telling the story of businesses.

The Visions project represents a new opportunity for ArtSurf Productions as it moves into full length movie production.  ArtSurf uses 4K and 5K cinema ready cameras and expects to capture and tell the Visions story as it has never been told.  The documentary style film will follow the story of artists and how they made a huge impact in changing the surfing culture.

The First Shirts

The first three designs have just been released to help support the Visions project at ArtSurf.  The first is the new ArtSurf® logo, along with the “Wave Catcher”© and “Waves Calling”© designs.

ArtSurf wanted a simple logo that represented the idea of Art and Surf merged.  The order of the surfboards in the logo represents the area code for Los Angeles at the time that Earl Banes was becoming the legend he was.  The Wave Catcher design honors the dawn patrol rides that Earl caught before work, just as his grandson Neal does today.  Finally the Waves Calling design should be pretty clear.  For all the time we spend on our phone, the thing that is most important to Earl can’t really call, but it would be great if it could.

All of the net proceeds from the sale of the ArtSurf versions sold on the ArtSurf Productions website or at film shows will go towards fund the Visions film.  Additionally The Earl Banes Company has pledged 5% of the net proceeds from its sales in 2019 and 2020 to support the film. 

Early Bum, Early Bum Character, Earl Banes and All designs are copyright The Earl Banes Company or ArtSurf Productions LLC 

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