Are You Branding Or Marketing?

Scott’s Business Minute Video looks at Branding.

The formula for success starts with a brand. Most people don’t have one and they is why they sort of wander through life aimlessly. Scott Bourquin is the founding partner of the Bourquin Group, and full disclosure, they own

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As an individual Scott’s brand is simply “Live Better”. He sees that mantra as meaning that he lives with the idea that he is responsible for how he lives and the tracks he leaves behind. He believes that being conservative and a conservationist go hand in hand.

As a business, the Bourquin Group’s mantra is “Brand It Like You Own It”®

Simply put the Bourquin Group and it’s family business, Custom PhotoCraft exist to help companies define a brand and market it. Marketing is not Branding, and Branding is not Advertising.

In this video Scott talks about the importance of Branding before starting any marketing or advertising campaign. He also show you the process he uses to help businesses create brands that sell.

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