Aqualaro Affordable Brand New Yacht Club Program

Yacht Clubs are normally thought to be something for the Rich and Famous. Not Anymore.


 AquaLaro (Aqualaro, the Company). Aqualaro is pleased to introduce a brand new mini yacht club program to yacht lovers.

The company offers the perfect solution for its guests overnight stays in places such as Key West, The Bahamas, and Intercostal, ideal for occasional budget-minded visitors to Lantana Florida.

The mini yacht club program launch in Lantana, Florida offers a unique affordable club program with $0.00 upfront fees. Andrea Zecevic, CEO of Aqualaro, said, “Aqualaro is a truly unique one of a kind, yacht mini club program. Our idea was to create a unique program that would be suitable for our guests, who only pay a minimum monthly subscription, which will allow our guests to use vessels when they want and how they want”. 

All that is required for Aqualaro members to do is board the vessel and choose the desired itinerary. Aqualaro crew and captain will take care of the rest.

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In our possession are two vessels ranging in size from 34’ to 37’ fully crewed and managed, and you are allowed to combine them if you wish, so the only thing you need to do is to jump on board and enjoy either Carver Mariner or Sea Ray Sundancer.

Editors note – Aqualaro is a new program more like a boating membership than a traditional yacht club. Please visit their websites for a full disclosure. Boat ownership is not an inexpensive proposition. Renting or joining a club may be the best of both worlds.

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