Apple Falls Down With IOS 8.0.2 – No BlueTooth?

Sometime ago I posted on a friends Facebook page that I’m sticking with Apple Products simply because they worked. I didn’t want to mishmash of vendors and different products coming together to make a great Android device my pocket and a new learning curve with each application. All I wanted was something that worked, Bluetooth and all.

My iPhone 4 worked flawlessly so I upgraded to the iPhone 5S. Another great product.  Nothing really new, just faster and nicer graphics as far as I could tell.

This week I took the plunge and upgraded to IOS 8.0.1.  I haven’t been let down too badly by Apple iOS upgrades in the past so it looked like a low risk venture.  I upgraded my wife’s’ phone too.

Bad idea.

Both my wife and I lost calls which means lost income. This was the first major letdown from Apple product since I left Apple in 1997.  Both of us live on our phones and need them to book work regularly.  When an agent calls, if you don’t call back, they move on, and they did.

I won’t even start all the problems that we encountered because Apple quickly released a patch. iOS 8.0.2 was quickly released to “fix everything”.  It didn’t, and Apple doesn’t support “downgrading”.  Once you move up you are stuck.

So the things that don’t work? Most of them are pretty minor. A terminal access program I use to get into the vendor site locks up if I move the screen.  A couple of other apps lock up, but I don’t really need any of them.

And then there is the BlueTooth problem.

This is the big one where I am saying that Apple has clearly fallen down, Bluetooth. Bluetooth is nothing new, and shouldn’t be that difficult to operate. It worked just fine and I OS 7.X so why is it nearly absent in IOS 8.0.2?

All of my devices appear on the BlueTooth list on the settings page of my iPhone 5S.  And what happens?

Let’s start with my first car, a 2013 Chevy Volt. Every time I get in the car the phone attempts to dial my aunt. The thing is my wife’s name and phone number and up on my phone screen. And then nothing happens. Both my phone and my car phone are locked up.

Next is my wife’s car.  A late model Mercedes with a BlueTooth kit.  It has worked fine other than only connecting to one of our phones at a time, so we never knew who was dialing.  Now? nothing from either phone.

And the kicker, at home I use a VTech Bluetooth connection phone system so that my cell phone will ring on my home phone.  It is really a cool setup for under $100.  I do this because the metal roof blocks cellular signal. My phone must remain at window in order to work.  AT&T wouldn’t sell us a femto cell even after they were giving them away free to other people, so we switched to Verizon.  It helped but not enough.  We are back to running to the door, grabbing the phone jumping outside, hitting answer and hoping someone is still there.

After disconnecting and reconnecting every Bluetooth device to my iPhone 5S, nothing is working.

Surfing the Internet it is easy to find many other people with the same problems or worse. There are dozens of how to fix it posts, Another work or make sense.

This is something for Apple to fix, And fixed quickly. I contract is up and for the first time in about 10 years I am considering a non Apple phone.  My contract is up, so if Apple doesn’t want Windows or that little green Android infiltrating my house of Mac’s, MacBook’s, iPads and iPhones, 8.0.3 better be out soon with working BlueTooth.


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