The Amazon Fire TV – Do You Need A Box Hanging Off Your TV?

What does Amazon Fire do that the Apple TV doesn’t do? Google Chromecast? Roku? Sony Play Station? or even the X-Box?

As a consumer you just what to watch TV right? So does the box matter to you? It might not, matter to you but it does matter to the company selling you the box. The big question is why is it so important that Amazon sell a box that lets you watch the same stuff as everyone else?

Apple TV has been doing a fine job in my house for the most part. The better choice is my Request IMC Media Server. I got addicted to old black and white TV on Hulu because of my Request Server.

My parents use a Roku, and we all have FiOS with HD and DVR service. So what is the big deal. The key is the services and who gets to see what you are doing. Amazon’s box has the most services and the most power, making it a winner if you don’t already have a box hooked up to your TV.

Another important piece of the streaming media box game is your high speed internet. The big cable companies want you to buy or rent from them and are pushing hard to limit the content you can watch over their system.

The importance of collecting data can’t be understated. The information is a game changer and Amazon already has an amazing amount of information about you and your shopping and browsing habits if you browse or shop at

A recent patent filing by Amazon indicates that they know you so well, they will know what you want before you even click the “Buy Now” button. With the Fire TV box Amazon might just know what you want to watch before you do. Is that cool or creepy?

For now the Amazon Fire offers the best list of services and most performance for the money of any of the streaming devices. If you don’t have a TV with built in Netflix, the Amazon Fire TV might be the right box for you.

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