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Thursday May 25th 2017

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Is the New Chevy Volt Better »

Chevrolet has released the new Volt.  Better range, regular gasoline for the range extending generator [...]

A Prius Can Be a Kühl Toy? »

Kühl Toys host Scott Bourquin was out and about on the island of Kaua'i trying to sneak in a surf day. [...]

Texting and Driving, How Bad Is It Really?
Texting and Driving, How Bad »

Orinda, CA - California already has a strict, no handheld device law on the books and yet texting and [...]


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Truckee River Flooding »

Truckee River Flooding

Near record snows in the Sierras mean big water movement as the snow melts. The normally placid float down the Truckee River in the Sierra Nevada [Read More]

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My Suja Fresh Start »

After a three day juice with Suja, our Kühl Toys Host Scott lets us know how he is [...]

My Suja Fresh Start »

Scott finished days 1 and 2 of the My Suja Fresh Start plan, well sort of. As day three [...]

My Suja Fresh Start »

Well after day one of Juicing with the Suja 3 Day My Suja Fresh Start plan, Scott didn't [...]

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Mike Munzing’s Mortgage Report

Mike Munzing’s Mortgage Report

With the real estate industry facing new regulatory challenges, your business may be drastically affected, so be sure to watch my videos for the latest updates.  As a Mortgage Lender with 31 years' experience, I have access to investors with amazing rates for your buyers, who need to work with a mortgage expert who knows how to get their [...]

Mortgage Market Update – Al Hensing

Mortgage Market Update – Al Hensing

This morning the 10 yr opened slightly weaker with the yield at 1.85% down 1 bp frm Friday’s short session; MBS prices early today down 3 bps frm Friday. It was an unusual trading session with the key March employment report released with most markets closed for Good Friday. Employment at 8:30, stock index futures traded for 45 minutes to 9:15 [...]

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